Ajwain Methi Paratha Recipe

Ajwain Methi Paratha Recipe

Ajwain Methi Paratha Recipe

Parathas are an optimal breakfast recipe and are appreciated by individuals across the globe. Ajwain Methi Paratha is one such recipe that is simplified utilizing fixings like wheat flour, regular baking flour, fenugreek leaves, green bean stew and salt.

Ajwain Methi Paratha

Ajwain Methi Paratha Recipe

This simple to-create recipe can be put forth without putting a lot of attempt from your side. You can Serve this recipe with curd or pickle and isn’t just filling the stomach yet in addition satisfies your spirit.

It is able to serve on the event like smorgasbord, pot karma, excursion or on a family together and will unquestionably intrigue your visitor. You can pack this paratha recipe for your children’s tiffin too.

Thus, feel free to serve this mouth-watering recipe to your loved ones on next social gathering and appreciate!

Elements of Ajwain Methi Paratha

1 cup wheat flour
1 cup fenugreek leaves ( methi)
salt as required
1 cup regular baking flour
1 tablespoon green bean stew
5 tablespoon refined oil

Step by step instructions to make Ajwain Methi Paratha

Stage 1

To make this recipe, wash and channel the fenugreek leaves. Presently, cleave the leaves and save it to the side for some time.

Stage 2

Then, in a huge bowl, add regular baking flour, wheat flour, ajwain, hacked fenugreek leaves, chillies, salt and oil. Blend it well and work it to make a delicate mixture. Make a little ball out of the batter and roll them into round formed rotis.

Stage 3

Heat a dish over medium fire and put the paratha on it. Presently apply little oil over it and cook it until it becomes fresh from both the sides.

Stage 4

At long last placed the paratha on a serving plate and serve warm with your number one sauce or pickle.

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