6 Fantasies About Condoms

6 Fantasies About Condoms

6 Fantasies About Condoms. Undesirable pregnancies can be very difficult to deal with and can cause critical pressure. Despite the fact that, individuals know about contraception strategies like condoms and anti-conception medication pill, some data frequently gets contorted and misjudged prompting numerous fantasies.

  1. I will not get pregnant assuming that my accomplice pulls out prior to discharging

No, this is a fantasy and false by any means. Some discharge containing sperm can be delivered before the man arrives at climax and that is sufficient to cause an undesirable pregnancy.

6 Fantasies About Condoms
  1. Utilizing condoms will essentially lessen my pleasure

This is a typical fantasy that infests even among individuals who are knowledgeable about sex. In any case, it isn’t accurate. A review directed by Indiana College School of General Wellbeing showed that men found similar degree of straightforwardness with regards to erections and climaxes whether or not a condom was utilized or not.

  1. A female condom can’t exist

Despite the fact that most condom commercials and deals are of male condoms, they are accessible for females as well! With two rings at each end, female condoms can be embedded into a lady’s vagina and keep pregnancy under control. In India, where sex laborers are frequently exposed to unprotected sex despite the fact that they demand a condom, more mindfulness about the female condom is required. More deeply study the different contraception techniques.

6 Fantasies About Condoms

  1. Utilizing two condoms will diminish chances of pregnancy

Despite the fact that you could feel that utilizing two condoms can be a superior method for forestalling pregnancy, it isn’t correct. Utilizing two condoms can build the erosion between them making them bound to tear or tear. Learn about more sex legends that are simply senseless!

  1. On the off chance that I take crisis prophylactic pills, I can securely have unprotected sex in the following 72 hours

Crisis preventative pills can altogether diminish your gamble of pregnancy assuming you have them in the span of 72 hours ‘in the wake of’ having intercourse. In India, where sex training isn’t at its most significant level a great deal of ladies feel that the pill will labor for 72 hours, however one pill turns out just for one meeting.

  1. I can re-utilize a condom on the off chance that I don’t have another one

No, a condom is intended for single utilize just and no measure of washing can make them re-usable. In the event that you can’t track down a condom at your home or can’t get it in light of the fact that the shops are shut, it is better in the event that you don’t have penetrative sex. There are multiple ways of having intercourse without utilizing your penis and you can continuously go purchase a condom the following day.

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