3 Most Common Causes of Insecurity 

3 Most Common Causes of Insecurity 

3 Most Common Causes of Insecurity,

Causes of Insecurity 

01/6Psychological motives why human beings experience insecurity

Being insecurity with our individualities, our lives, personal relationships, work, impacts us and the people around us a lot. It induces poison in our heads and we generally tend to act out to cowl those insecurities. But what if we can get to the root motive of all of it and paintings on them? Read up on these motives that cause insecurity in a person and try and make your life better through untangling the ones threads.

Causes of Insecurity 

02/6Bad reports

A principal cause for someone to progressively come to be insecure is his/her share of terrible stories. They can be around damaged consider, cheating, disturbed youth, traumatising episodes in college, feeling of no longer being cherished sufficient, ignorance, and so on. A type of a fear sets in irrespective of how strong you try to project yourself. Even in instances wherein a narcissist character has been putting you down all of the time, you turn out to be unsure of your self.

03/6Emotionally based

If you have been too attached to someone and you lost him/her, whether or not because of a dying or a breakup, you generally tend to break down and it is able to result in insecurity. In some other scenario, if you grow to be too dependent on someone then even a few required area from his/her give up makes you insecure. This leads to possessiveness and jealousy.

04/6Trust problems

When someone cheats on you or betrays you, you have a tendency to harbour insecurities. Even some thing you noticed at home or out of doors as a infant can stay with you and affect your relationships as an person.

05/6Body photograph

Body shaming is one huge cause for insecurities. When you’re ridiculed for the manner you examine any given factor in not just your growing up years but in maturity as nicely, then it may cause lack of confidence. It is very important which you try and grow to be relaxed for your very own pores and skin and not let others’ judgments, no matter who they are, get to you. Even something like loss of intimacy can make you insecure.


If you are someone who grew up amongst over achievers and your siblings make much extra money than you, then perhaps a worry of failure has seeped in? Were you instructed that you are not correct enough? Did they evaluate you with others? If all or any of those have passed off in your existence, you ought to take remedy. It always helps in coping with your ghosts.

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